High level of transportation service is conditioned by an excellent stock, adjusted to any requirements of a potential customer. The stock of H.I.S. Poznachowski mainly consists of vehicles of VOLVO make. The policy of unification of our own land means of transport positively influences specialization of operating personnel. The main part of Poznachowski’s transportation vehicles make the new generation special units of a total cubature 117 cbm. These vehicles were designed on our order. Development plans of the company assume constant increase in the number of these vehicles among our own transportation means. There are also truck-tractors present in our stock. In order to fulfill a wide range of customer’s requirements, our company offers the following at the disposal: standard canvas cover semitrailers, special low-chassis semitrailers, cold store semitrailers, and truck units type BDF.

     In order to render the highest quality service we have equipped our transport facilities with mobile phones and transmitters for GPS navigation.
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