Handel International Spedition Poznachowski Sp. z o. o. (Limited Liability Company) in Gorzów Wielkopolski has been present on the market of transport and forwarding since1993.
Currently the company H.I.S. Poznachowski has a specialized and modern land transport stock, fully equipped with technical service workshop, shop with spare parts, own liquid fuel station, large park and handling place and three-floor office building.

     The staff, extensively trained and with many-years of experience in transportation branch, makes a good team taking care of the quality of offered and rendered services. Thanks to that the company has gained appreciation of constantly increasing number of customers – Polish as well as foreign. The high standard of rendered services that has been kept on the same level for many years, enabled the company H.I.S. Poznachowski to cooperate directly with entrepreneurs from the countries of the European Union.
Mission of H.I.S. Poznachowski is sufficient and complex fulfillment of customer’s requirements through the highest quality of offered services.

     Strategic objective of H.I.S. Poznachowski is an intensification of cooperation with partners from the EU, complex rendering of service and escalation of self-investment.

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